I must stop wasting time before I waste my life. I am a perfectionist, I fear that I am not a good writer, and I am afraid to show my work to others; as a result, I hardly write at all. I must change this. Thus, I created allworkandnoplay. In my mind, allworkandnoplay is not merely the name of a website; it is a way of working, and a way of living. I have decided that it should be my way of life for this year, 2007. I know that if I follow this way, I will become a good writer; that is, a successful artist. I will not attempt here to specify in words exactly what allworkandnolay means to me, but here are some of the rules I intend to live by:

  1. I will work on a composition for three days and then post it, no matter what state it is in.
  2. I will seek criticism from readers, and accept all that is given.
  3. I will cultivate a mentality that disdains distraction, rather than indulging in it.
  4. When not writing, I will be reading.
  5. I will spend time with others only in ways that will help my goals. This will mean finding many new friends.
  6. No more drinking; no more hangovers.
  7. I will be an artist – it is my calling. There is no alternative.
  8. Save money. Money is freedom.

With this site, I intend to break free of the fear and lethargy that plague me. To do this, I will bring about the things I fear. I fear not criticism, but failure and humiliation. Thus, this site is dedicated to my failure and humiliation, that I might realize my potential as a writer. I encourage you, the reader, to critique my work without hesitation or concern for my feelings. My only request is that your input be thoughtful and intended to help me in my goal of being a better writer.