I found a writing textbook called Story Matters in a thrift store here in Ann Arbor. If you are an aspiring writer, I recommend you take a look at it.The bulk of the book is comprised of contemporary short stories and interviews with their authors. There is also a pedagogical section in the beginning of the book, and I am trying to do all the exercises in it. One of the first is to write a story suitable for the “55 Fiction Contest” held by The New York Times, the objective of which is to write a story that has setting, characters, conflict, and resolution in only fifty-five words. Here’s mine:

“…until death do you part?”



“Lori!” said the bride. “Always with you. Not on my wedding-”

“He came … last night … please, listen.”

“Goddamnit, you stupid … sorry, Father. Father, I do.”

“Perhaps…” whispered the priest.

“Perhaps nothing!”

“No one believes her, dear,” said the groom, blushing. “Everything is all right. Now, where were we?”